Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Gmail Feature Suggestion: Vote For What Features You Want To See Most

This is a cool little page google set up to take suggestions from people on how to improve gmail. They have some pretty cool predesignated choices I'd like to see implemented, but of course there are always many more we'd like to see. This link was submitted to digg, and alot of people made some pretty good suggestions as well. Personally, I suggested the following:

-Ability to schedule emails to be sent at a later date.
-Inclusion of folder in addition to labels.

I really don't think it's just an old-school mentality with the folders; like a lot of people, I use my inbox as a sort of 'in process' space, and I don't like having to sift through a bunch of what I consider 'resolved' emails that I can't make disappear. Sure, you can archive them, but you can only view archived email under 'all mail,' where it is mixed with everything else and not designated as being such. I don't like gmail blending it with other stuff. Now, if the archive feature had its own folder/section, I'd just archive everything I considered resolved, and get it out of the way that way.


-Free IMAP access
-The option to 'reply' on the side of the menu, instead of below
-Calendar synchronization through SyncML
-Remove the "sent on behalf of" when sending from another account, to be able to use Gmail for a work account without announcing one's personal email address
-Ability to select multiple attachments at once
-Permalinks to your messages/conversations so you can link to your emails from your other documents/webapps.

Two more things, now that I think about it-I wish I could designate a sender's email address as recognition for labelling. Sometimes, no matter what combination of keywords, quotation usage, boolean, etc, I just can't get gmail to recognize certain things.

Secondly, how about PGP encryption included in gmail?

Well anyway, we'll see what google does with this stuff in the future.


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